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About Medellin Travels

Empowering Local Communities Through Sustainable Tourism

About Alex and Lina

Alex was born in Medellin and raised in L.A. Lina was also born in Medellin and lived in Trinidad and Tobago for 12 years. They are a true family business that is passionate about life, who genuinely love what they do and treat their guests like family as well.

Medellin Travels

Medellin Travels feature one-of-a-kind tours that include the beauty and splendor of the colonial town of Sante Fe de Antioquia, the great rock of El Penol, considered the best view of the world, Guatape, Jardin, the magnificent Rio Claro Jungle River, the sculptures of maestro Fernando Botero in downtown, metro, aerial cable cars, Arvi Park, food tours, the charming town of El Pueblito Paisa with panoramic views, Envigado, Sabaneta, and the “Real” Pablo Escobar tour narrated by insiders.

The Lend Me A Hand Organization

In 2009, Alex and Lina joined forces and started a project to help empower kids from the barrios of Medellin and aid local farmers in the Andes mountains through their mentorship assistance program that enables participants to improve their lives and their families by the development of skills which assist in the creation of sustainable community development, in an effort to reduce poverty and violence.

Prior to the meeting, Alex founded a program in Irvine C.A. named “Helping the Poor”, which helped send tons of food and clothing to hurricane disaster victims in Guatemala, Honduras, and other places. He also formed part of the Los Angeles Poverty Department which assisted the homeless in Skid Row through theatrical work. In Medellin, he has collaborated with his mother with food donations and with the yearly purchase of school materials for kids grades 1-8 in the town of El Playon.

As a child, Lina visited several of the poverty Stricken barrios of Medellin, helping children and poor families with food, books and clothing donations, as well as psychological assistance and mentoring. Lendmeahand.org is a non-profit organization heavily involved in helping people help themselves. We believe in teaching people how to fish, not fishing for them for the rest of their lives. Our goal is for them to achieve a level of independence, becoming leaders in their communities with the idea that they will, in turn, help others in their area or where ever they go in life, as to make our world more harmonic.

Main activities of the foundation include donations for funding and training local entrepreneurs, English language in a professional school, the purchase of wholesale clothing and other tangible items for resale purposes and organic coffee production. Other supportive efforts are directed towards child sponsorship programs.

Donating a Portion of our Revenue

Medellin Travels donates a portion of every single tour that is booked directly through www.medellintravels.com. We are convinced that sustainable tourism in the region should be built around a model that empowers local communities, making them active investors in local development projects for the long-term benefit of all.

After this successful case, we are committed to work under this innovative business model and keep empowering and generating added value to local communities in and around Medellin.

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