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Half-Day Pablo Escobar Godfather & Comuna 13 Tour

Travelers looking for activities to do in Medellin need to check out “The Private Pablo Escobar Godfather Tour in Medellin” by Medellin Travels. Rated the #1 Pablo Escobar tour in the city. Our Pablo tour stands out from the rest, because we have privileged inside information and stories that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Medellin Travels family brings this tour to life in an unbiased manner, giving you the facts in a very didactic yet entertaining way. Guests are picked up at their hotel in a new, comfortable and air conditioned vehicle, suv, or van in Medellin.

Coffee lovers that are staying in the El Poblado sector of Medellin, can ask their tour guide to take them to the Avoeden Cafe, to experience the best single origin coffee in Medellin with a touch of art. The coffee here is insanely delicious, a perfect way to gear up for the road ahead.

You will be transported to four counties outside Medellin to the church, the sanctuary where his hitmen prayed for perfect hits, the cemetery where he lays, the last house he lived at, the rooftop house where he died, the famous soccer field he built, the restaurant he frequented where you can grab a quick snack, the Monaco ruins that got blown up and a drive through his barrio where he grew up.

Travelers who want to experience the”La Catedral” prison nestled high in the Andes mountains, with a killer view of all of Medellin, must book the tour with the upgrade option. Don’t be fooled by the many Mickey Mouse tours out there by non-licensed individuals who don’t speak a lick of English and invent bogus stories just to make a quick buck off tourists. They rush guests and don’t take them to all of the sites that we include.

We have been on several documentaries, know the Escobar family very well, and know what we are talking about.

If you want an authentic experience conveyed to you by experts on the subject matter with “REAL” inside information, you need to reserve your spot now, before we get fully booked.

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